How To Get Tested

Step 1

Sign Up

Employers and individuals can sign up for an account on COVID19-MY Screening by filling up a simple online form.

Step 2

Buy a test

After selecting the suitable test(s), registered users will be prompted to submit payment via a simple checkout process.

Step 3

Take a test

After payment has been processed, users will be contacted and a test will be scheduled. Users will also be encouraged to download the COVID19-MY mobile app.

Step 4

Receive Test Results

Users can view their test results at (link). Users will also be able to view their test results on-the-go via the COVID-19 mobile app. All users will be assigned a QR code reflecting their health status, and those who test negative will be issued a downloadable eCertificate.

Step 5

Use Digital eCertificate

Users will be able to use the COVID19-MY mobile app to show their assigned QR codes, eCertificates and screening results to relevant government authorities or employers at office premises.

Step 6

Use Digital Check-In (Employer)

All registered employers will be give an official QR code. Every time an employee enters office premises, they can scan their employer’s QR code while their temperature is being checked. This will ensure that their date and time of entry is logged for the purposes of contact tracing.