About Us

COVID19-MY Screening is centralised system that allows Malaysian employers, foreign & domestic employees and individuals to register for a mandatory COVID-19 screening prior to the resumption of their work duties. All screenings will be conducted using reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) tests. All services are available to SOCSO contributors and non-contributors. Employers are also entitled to claim up to RM150 per worker (from SOCSO) to subsidise testing activities if they are operating in the construction and security guard services industries in Selangor & the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.

In order to administer these tests, users can choose to be screened on-site (at a specified location), at a clinic or in the comfort of their own homes.

To ensure that COVID19-MY Screening is in line with existing national contact tracing efforts, the system is also integrated with our COVID19-MY contact tracing mobile app – which consists of the following features:

  • Test Result Publishing: Seamless upload of test results to the app for easy validation by employers or other relevant authorities
  • User Risk Categorisation (via QR code): Assessment of user’s current risk to Covid-19 based on test results, with each user is assigned a colour-specific QR Code and a ‘Health Status’
  • Public Safety Notifications: Social distancing focused notifications to alert “At Risk”/ “Infected” users and relevant authorities if a high-risk user travels outside of their designated quarantine area
  • Contact Tracing Notifications: Contact Tracing Notifications: Alerts based on user movements i.e. when a confirmed/ "at risk" case is reported within a user’s current proximity, or at any location they’ve visited over the past 14 days
  • Key Information & Newsfeed: Up-to-date safety precautions, MOH hotline and test centre contact information along with Covid-19 updates from official news sources and ministry officials

Upon being diagnosed as ‘Healthy’, users will also be issued an eCertificate that can be downloaded through the COVID19-MY mobile app or via the COVID19-MY Screening system. Foreign workers can also use this eCertificate as a supporting document for work permit renewal applications with Immigration Malaysia.

Our COVID19-MY contact tracing mobile app also showcases the following features for businesses/ SMEs:

  • Business Registration: Easy application for businesses to resume operations - with all approved corporate users assigned a QR Code
  • Digital Check-In: Use of app’s QR code scanning features to facilitate a safe work environment and effective contact tracing once businesses resume operations
    • Validation of employee entry times – All employees made to scan Employer QR code when they reach office premises (date and time logged)